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"Castor Ales" is a brewery dedicated to the production of fine quality real ales. The brewery is located in the village of Castor, on the outskirts of Peterborough. Castor was the location of an important Roman settlement and the Roman palace (c. 250 AD) was the second largest Roman building in Britain. The area was a Roman industrial site where pottery known as 'Castor Ware' was produced.

These days the village is a thriving community with two good pubs and one good restaurant. It has an active community with interconnecting businesses that reach out to Peterborough and beyond.

Castor Ales Brewery supports the local economy and provides beer with a minimum of food miles and low carbon footprint. It does not sell beer through supermarkets but to local independent retailers.

The Hunt Cup - Castorware - with modern adaption for the brewery.

Edmund Tyrell Artis

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